Out of Stock - Remote F5

The Remote F5 is currently out of stock. However, we offer the option to substitute it with a Remote L5 until stock arrives in mid-June. Alternatively, you can choose to place your order on back order, and we will dispatch the Remote F5 as soon as it becomes available.

The Majestic Collection - Create & Design Your Customized Ceiling Fan!

Select your blade style by clicking on the dropdown menu.

Build your ideal fan, by clicking on your preferred component buttons

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Please Select Blade Style:

Blade Set

Blade Set


Each Blade Set is Precisely Balanced which ensures wobble free operation!

4 & 5 Blade Sets

Air Delivery and fan speed vary greatly depending on the number of blades, blade sweep and blade material.


Please Select Blade Set

Blade Sweep - Overall Diameter,
blade tip to blade tip

Blade Sweep


Blade Sweep is the overall diameter from blade tip to blade tip.

Blade Sweep Selection - General Rule of Thumb

For Rooms up to = Blade Sweep

25 sq metre (5m x 5m) = 1400mm - 1800mm
36 sq metre (6m x 6m) = 1500mm - 2100mm

Take into account that the blades must clear open cupboard doors and should not cross over lighting which may cause a flickering affect. 

Please Select Blade Sweep

Motor Model

Motor Model

The Albatross Collection - 3 Year Warranty

The Albatross runs on an energy efficient 90 watt motor for indoor and outdoor applications.

Installation must be done by a certified Electrician.

Please select a motor model

Motor Model Colour

Motor Model Colour

Select Motor Model to see motor colours offered.

Available in Black, White & Silver.

Please select a motor model colour



Aesthetically pleasing Flush or Surface mount.

5 Speed with or without a light switch.

Light Switches or Dimmers can be added

To add a regulator not offered in the selection to your Request select the option "Regulator Specialised Options" complete the Cart. In the View Cart section click on "Continue Request" or "Continue Shopping" then click on "Quote on Regulator" or "Buy Remote or Regulator" select your Regulator "Add to Cart", "Complete your Request" or "Check Out"

Customised Cover plates and colours are available on request.

Single Regulator
Reg2F can only operate one fan.

Please Select a Regulator



The Handheld Transmitter and the U-Shaped Receiver unit of the Solent 5 speed Remote Control must be paired after installation.

  • Within 30 seconds from the power being switched on, press the FAN OFF button until the light on the fan flashes once and the fan starts rotating. Pairing is now complete.
  • There are 5 Timers - The Timer must be set while the fan is in rotation and it can be set on any speed.
  • Press the desired Timer to put the fan in sleep mode and the fan will turn off when the selected Timer is reached.
  • Do not use a remote simultaneously with a wall regulator.
  • Reverse option can be used by installing a 2 way toggle switch in the bottom canopy.
  • Battery supplied - Your remote control is ready for use after battery installation.

Please Select a Remote

Albatross Down Rods

Albatross Down Rods

Minimum Height Restriction
For Safety reasons fan blades should not be lower than 2300mm above floor level.

Maximum Height Installation
There is no restriction. However too high will affect the cooling efficiency.

Angled or Vaulted Ceilings
Install a wedge that provides a horizontal surface for attaching the downrod.

  • Standard 230mm downrod & hanging hook are supplied with each fan.
  • Optional 450mm & 900mm downrods available.
  • Customised lengths up to 6 metres are available.

Formula for calculating customised lengths

D (downrod length) =
X (Floor to ceiling height) minus
2300mm (Minimum Blade height or selected height above floor level) minus
170mm (motor measurement & hanging assembly)

D = X - 2300 -170

To add MULTIPLE down rods of various LENGTHS Select the option Multiple Lengths & complete the cart. In the view cart section click on Continue Request or Continue Shopping then click on Quote on Down Rod or Buy Down Rod select your Down Rods Add to Cart Complete your Request or Checkout 

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