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The ULTIMATE fan for low ceilings. The 35Watt energy efficient DC motor makes this fan ideal for use with solar inverters.

The Hugger comes complete with 3 solid wood blades, includes 6 speed remote with forward/reverse & timer.

You have the option to have the Hugger with a Light Kit, the 18Watt 2350 Lumen LED light kit has 3 interchangeable light colours and can be controlled via the remote.

This fan is perfect for homes, restaurants, lodges and resorts.

Please Select Blade Style:

Blade Set

Blade Set


Each Blade Set is Precisely Balanced which ensures wobble free operation.

3 Blade Sets only

Air Delivery and fan speed will vary depending on the blade sweep and blade material.

Please Select Blade Set

Blade Sweep - Overall Diameter,
blade tip to blade tip

Blade Sweep


Blade Sweep is the overall diameter from blade tip to blade tip.

Blade Sweep Selection - General Rule of Thumb

For Rooms up to = Blade Sweep

9 sq metre (3m x 3m) = 900mm
16 sq metre (4m x 4m) = 1200mm
25 sq metre (5m x 5m) = 1400mm

Take into account that the blades will need to clear open cupboard doors, not be within reach of bunk beds and should not cross over lighting which may cause a flickering affect. 

Please Select Blade Sweep

Motor Model

Motor Model

The ULTIMATE fan for low ceilings 

35Watt energy efficient DC motor
Light kit adaptable
Reverse option available

Installation must be done by a certified Electrician.


Please select a motor model

Motor Model Colour

Motor Model Colour

Available in Black & White only

Please select a motor model colour



6 Speed
Summer/Winter Mode
Timer 1/2/4/8 Hours
Memory function: Fan default ON after power outage
LED light on/off with colour change switch

Please Select a Remote

Light Kits

Light Kits

Light Kit:
LED 12 watt.
1250 lumens.
Interchangeable Colours:

3000K: Warm White

4000K: Neutral White

6000K: Cool White

Please Select a Light Kit

Down Rods

Down Rods

Minimum Height Restriction
For Safety reasons fan blades should not be lower than 2300mm above floor level.

Maximum Height Installation
There is no restriction. However too high will affect the cooling efficiency.

Angled or Vaulted Ceilings
Install a wedge that provides a horizontal surface for attaching the downrod.

  • Standard 230mm downrod & hanging hook are supplied with each fan.
  • Optional 450mm & 900mm downrods available.
  • Customised lengths up to 6 metres are available.

Formula for calculating customised lengths

D (downrod length) =
X (Floor to ceiling height) minus
2300mm (Minimum Blade height or selected height above floor level) minus
170mm (motor measurement & hanging assembly)

D = X - 2300 -170

Please Select a Downrod

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Blade Set
Blade Sweep
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